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At the head of  Echo Canyon and out of sight from  today's highway is the first important formation of Echo Canyon. It has been called Swallow Cave, Rock Cave, and Cache Cave.

"About a quarter of a mile west from the camp is a cave in the rock about thirty feet long, fifteen feet wide and from four to six feet high. There are many martins at the entrance and on observing closely, can be seen myriads of small bugs. It is supposed from appearances that there is some property cached in the cave."
       William Clayton 1847

"From Cache Cave, (which is merely a small hole or grotto in a large gray-sandstone rock appearing in a low bluff on the left,) the route winds up the valley of  Echo Creek."  Howard Stansbury 1850

"I was some better, visited the 'Swallows' cave, which is 36 feet by 24 feet & about 4 to 6 feet high. Many of the brethren have engraved their names on the sides. There are about 50 Swallows nests attached to the Roof."  Thomas Bullock 1847