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"where for some hours the windings of the kanyon had walled us in, and at 2:30 P.M. we debauched upon the Weber River Station. It lies at the mouth of the ravine almost under the shadow of lofty red bluffs, called 'The Obelisks' and the green and sunny landscape contrasting with the sterile grandeur behind, is exceedingly pleasing."
                                 Richard Burton 1860

"There is a very singular echo in this ravine, the rattling of wagons resembles carpenters hammering at boards inside the highest rocks. The report of a rifle resembles a sharp crack of thunder and echoes from rock to rock for some time. The lowing of cattle and braying of mules seems to be answered beyond the mountains. Music, especially brass instruments, have a very pleasing effect and resemble a person standing inside the rock imitating every note. The echo, the high rocks on the north, high mountains on the south with the narrow ravine for a road, form a scenery at once romantic and more interesting than I have ever witnessed.             William Clayton July 16, 1847