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Mormon Spring

This spring is located on the descent from Aspen Ridge.

Marriett Foster Cummings, July 1, 1852

"Near the middle crossed Muddy Fork and through several valleys and then climbed the Utah Mountains, the highest that the road passes over. The descent was very difficult and to make it worse the mules ran halfway down. On the slope was a very fine spring."


Lucena Parsons, September 15, 1850

"Started this morning & soon began to decend to lower land by a steep & teadious rout. We then came to Muddy Fork, here is some bunch grass & plenty of willow. There is now a fine pleasant valley before us & on the left some beautifull white mountains interspersed with green. I left a flag on the highest one. On the left of the road at the foot of the hill is a coperas spring. We then climbed a high hill, 7315 feet, & half way down this we camped. Good feed but water scurce. Made 10 miles. Weather pleasant.

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