The Perfume Bottle

The spire portion of this formation is the most delicate  spire in Echo Canyon. The photographs in the first row were taken in the late 1860's, Those in the second row were taken in the fall of 1998 and those in the third were taken in June of 1999.  Comparison of the spire from 1860 to 1998 shows considerable weathering. Finally, in the second week of June 1999 a strong storm blew it over.

Perfume1.JPG (17069 bytes)
A late 1860's ingraving

Perfume4.JPG (19733 bytes)
A late 1860's Savage Photo

Perfume3.JPG (11244 bytes)
A 1998 photo

Perfume5.JPG (12956 bytes)
A1998 photo
Notice the nerrowing at the restriction.

Perfume2.JPG (15114 bytes)
A June 1999 photo  taken  from the same perspective as the 1860's engraving. The spire has been blown down.

Perfume6.JPG (12057 bytes)
A June 1999 photo taken from the same perspective as Savage's 1860's photo. the spire is gone.

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