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The Needles are not in Echo Canyon but are the first large formation that can be seen before entering Echo Canyon. They are formed from the same "pudding stone" as the Echo Canyon formations.

"In a quarter of a mile the road turns abruptly to the right and follows up Needle Creek, (a branch of Yellow Creek,) with a gentle ascent, passing a ridge crowned with broken pointed crags of conglomerate, which, form the acicular form of the projections, has gained for it the name of 'The Needles."
                                                                                                        Howard Stansbury 1850

". . . we passed over rough ground and, descending into a brush, were shown on a ridge to the right a huge Stonehenge, a crown of broken and somewhat lanceolated perpendicular conglomerates or cemented pudding stones called not inapropropriately Needle Rocks."
                       Richard Burton 1860