William Clayton, July 11, 1847
"During the day some of the brethren discovered an oil spring about a mile south. The substance which rises out of the ground resembles tar and is very oily. Some have oiled their gun stocks with it and oiled their shoes, others have gone to fill their tar buckets and are sanguine it well to grease wagons.

Harriet Talcott Buckingham, July 3, 1851
"One hill that we descended was a mile in length some 18 miles from our last camp [muddy Fork] are the tar springs. It is very much like that in ordinary use, it oozes out of the ground into holes dug for this purpose - first a coat of tar then a scum of oil & clear water underneath several cold springs come from the mountain 20 miles brought us to Bear River."


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It was while Jerry Peterson and I were searching for these spring, that the Roy inscription was discovered.
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