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This large boulder was named Tumble Down Rock by the railroad workers, According to C. V. Coplie who has lived in Coalville for over ninety years.

Here the canyon walls on the north side of the canyon have tumbled down into the canyon nearly closing off passage though the canyon.

"Most of the day, July 31, we followed this watercourse and its windings. To our right rose spike-rocks of reddish color, several of them from 3 to 4 hundred feet high; to our left were various knolls and hills, at times quite rocky, then again overgrown with scanty grass and small underbrush. The narrow gorge led us entirely to the south [southwest] and became ever more constricted, so that we were very often compelled to cross the bed of the stream, and finally had to cut the road through a dense willow thicket."   Heinrich Lienhard 1846

The Lienhard , Harlan, and Young groups were the first wagons down Echo Canyon.

See historic photograph of these narrows.