Heber W. Kimball July 10, 1847
"On our arriving at the west side of this ridge 2 1/14 miles from the last mentioned spring, we found a very steep rough place to descend. We halted some time to fix the road. About half way down is a place where the road runs over huge rocks, leaving barely room for the a wagon to get down, but by the labors of the brethren, it was soon made passable. A little further we had to dig down a pretty high bank which occupied sometime. President Young and myself assisted the digging."

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At this point the trail narrows allowing room for a wagon to get through. Every wagon that passed this way ran over this rock leaving a single rut. The vanguard company was the only one that came this way. All others followed the ridge to Aspen Hill.
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The cliff in the background is the high bank  Hebrew Kimball wrote about in his journal. To the left can be see the point where huge rocks were stacked making it possible to get over this cliff.
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