William Clayton, July 10, 1847

"After traveling three and a half miles we passed a small copperas spring at the foot of a mountain a little to the left of the road. The water is very clear, but tastes very strong of copperas and alum and has a somewhat singular effect on the mouth. It runs a little distance over the red sand which abounds in the region and where it is saturated with water almost looks like blood at  a distance."

Fredrick Piercy, August 6, 1853

"Camped at Soda Spring, about 17 miles beyond Fort Bridger, Tired enough. The wolves howled at night most dismally, causing an almost indescribable sensation. They seemed to wail and gnash their teeth for the fun of the thing. It was, however, no joke to me to be hushed to sleep with such music.

Henry Emery camped here on September 23, 1853. He writes:

"23rd very cold, rain. We camped at Copperas or Soda Springs. In the night the snow fell some 1 or 2 inches thick."

Cupsprin.JPG (132589 bytes)
Heinrich Lienhard, July 27, 1846
"Yesterday we went through a growth of gaint sagebrush which often reached the height of more than 4 feet and grew so close together that one could scarcely go between them."
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Giant sage at Cooperas Springs. They have grown an additional four feet.
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