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"And now, with full breath and anxious heart, repressed excitement and keen zest,--we anxiously scan the scenes from car windows or platforms, and prepare for one grand, rushing descent into the glories of Echo Canon. The writer will never forget the feelings of overwhelming wonder and awe, as with the seal of admiration in both eye and lips, the ride through this famous canon was enjoyed. Rocks beside which all eastern scenes were pigmies, rose up in astounding abruptness and massiveness--colossal old Titans of majestic dimensions, and sublimely soaring summits, and perpendicular sides,--succeeded each other for miles, and the little company of spectators, seemed but an insignificant portion of the handiwork of the Almighty."

                                Henry T. Williams 1876

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Needles.JPG (59779 bytes)Needle Rocks Ccave .JPG (63128 bytes)Cache Cave
Chicken.JPG (9691 bytes)Chicken-cock Rock coyote.jpg (61098 bytes)Coyote Rock
castsst.jpg (72435 bytes)Pony Express Service Station echost1.jpg (94641 bytes)Devil's Post Office
Cottage3.jpg (60623 bytes)Castle Rock Centinel.jpg (40924 bytes)Sentinel Rock
Castlerck.jpg (78480 bytes)Castle Rock up1_copy_small.jpg (2001 bytes)U. P. Castle Rock Station
Wingrck.jpg (65273 bytes)Winged Rock kettels1.jpg (42573 bytes)Kettle Rocks
hood.jpg (53822 bytes)Hood Rock jack1.jpg (69308 bytes)Jack at the Pulpit
hangrk1.jpg (39978 bytes)Hanging Rock rckbluff.jpg (33050 bytes)Rock Bluffs and Early Bill Boards
deathrk.jpg (29105 bytes)Death's Rock mfort.jpg (67511 bytes)Mormon Fortifications
mfort1.jpg (82442 bytes)Looking down from Fortifications Tumble.JPG (32391 bytes)Tumble Down Rock
Temple.JPG (52078 bytes)Temple Rock Geastern.JPG (43717 bytes)Steam Boat Rocks
Monument.JPG (30821 bytes)Monument Rock Eye.JPG (46123 bytes)The All Seeing Eye
pulpit2.jpg (55837 bytes)Pulpit Rock whcave.JPG (28439 bytes)The Witches Cave
Bromleys.jpg (46200 bytes)Bromley's Cathedral echoup.jpg (31007 bytes)Union Pacific Station at Echo City
Eschool.JPG (59148 bytes)Echo School Battle.JPG (45689 bytes)Battlement Rocks
Wseninel.JPG (54338 bytes)The Sentinel of the West Witches.JPG (53967 bytes)The Witches

Petrog.jpg (24350 bytes)Rock Art in Echo Canyon

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